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2 Missiles, No Blast: Did US Use Secret Weapon To Kill Al-Qaeda Chief? – IHNS

Notorious Al-Qaeda head Ayman al-Zawahiri was killed by two missiles fired at his Kabul residence — nevertheless footage confirmed no sign of an explosion, and US officers say no person else was harmed.

That elements to the use as soon as extra by america of the macabre Hellfire R9X, a warhead-less missile believed outfitted with six razor-like blades extending from the fuselage that slices by its aim nevertheless doesn’t explode.

Not at all publicly acknowledged by the Pentagon or CIA — the two US corporations acknowledged to undertake targeted assassinations of extremist leaders — the R9X first appeared in March 2017 when Al-Qaeda senior chief Abu al-Khayr al-Masri was killed by a drone strike whereas travelling in a car in Syria.

Photos of the automotive confirmed a giant hole by the roof, with the car’s metal, and the whole inside, along with its occupants, bodily shredded. Nevertheless the doorway and rear of the car appeared totally intact.

Up until then, Hellfire missiles — fired by drones in targeted assaults — had been acknowledged for extremely efficient explosions and often intensive collateral damage and deaths.

Since 2017, a handful of various finely-targeted assaults current associated outcomes.

Particulars of the mysterious weapon leaked out, and it was dubbed the “flying ginsu,” after a well known Nineteen Eighties television industrial for ostensibly Japanese kitchen knives which may cut back cleanly by aluminum cans and keep fully sharp.

Moreover often called the “ninja bomb,” the missile has develop into the US munition of other for killing leaders of extremist groups whereas avoiding civilian casualties.

That’s apparently what occurred with Zawahiri.

A US official suggested reporters that on the morning of July 31, Zawahiri was standing alone on the balcony of his Kabul residence, when a US drone launched the two Hellfires.

Apparent photos of the setting up current dwelling home windows blown out on one flooring, nevertheless the rest of the setting up, along with dwelling home windows on totally different flooring, nonetheless in place.

Members of Zawahiri’s family had been present inside the residence, nevertheless “had been purposely not targeted and weren’t harmed,” the official acknowledged.

“We’ve no indications that civilians had been harmed on this strike,” the official added.

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